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Keynote speaker Jenn Lederer seeks to combine elements of comedy, intuition and business strategies with a sense of heart. She helps audiences laugh their way to a breakthrough or crisis. Jenn Lederer tailors her talks to client needs - she knows that no one’s journey has to look a certain way and two life stories are rarely the same.

Jenn Lederer is a self-proclaimed motivational comedian, a so-called creative overlord and she is also a shape shifter in the sense that she enjoys taking on different roles, changing between them without prior warning. She is your average unicorn prancing about in search for other unicorns.

Lederer's work has been featured by both SiriusXM, Forbes.com, The Huffington Post, Inspiring Lives Magazine and comedy clubs throughout New York City.

Jenn Lederer describes her particular branch of work as motivational comedy because laughter is a tool very useful for positive change and transformation which allows for certain things to exist, even to be spoken out loud, that would otherwise remain in the shadows, unaddressed, unhealed and unacknowledged. Using comedy Jenn Lederer helps her audiences to laugh their way through crises and to a breakthrough and success.

Her experience spans fifteen plus years and at least eight different avenues in the creative industries, including earning herself a BA in Dance from the Point Park University, co- writing an off-off-Broadway musical, co-writing an album, owning and running a Talent Management company for five years representing actors for film, for TV and for theaters. She has done motivational speaking along with business coaching and now she is of course on to what she calls motivational comedy.

Jenn Lederer

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Keynote speaker Jenn Lederer’s talks and presentations are first and foremost relatable but also inspirational, entertaining and downright funny - they were made to provoke a positive reaction.